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Mold isn’t always caused by a broken pipe, or leaky roof, or even a poorly vented bathroom.  Sometimes the cause is human error and the lack of knowledge in understanding the conditions of your living space.

Bathroom Vents and Fans

Not turning on the bathroom fan or the fan not working.  Not only does the fan need to be run while the shower is on, but it should be ran for 30 minutes after the shower stops.We get calls all the time to come check out mold in a house and when we are led directly to the bathroom.  We can usually diagnose the problem before we even get there.  Bathrooms are the perfect environment for mold it has heat, humidity and organic material to live on.  The purpose of having a properly ventilated bathroom is to remove all the hot, wet air out of that confined space. When it stays in there it gives mold spores the perfect environment to live.  Mold doesn’t need to actually be in contact with water, if the relative humidity rises above 60%, growth can begin to occur on any organic material. If you are getting mold and mildew build up quickly after you clean you might want to look into the fans and how the room is ventilated. Bathroom, Fan , Vent, Mold

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