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Mold isn’t always caused by a broken pipe, or leaky roof, or even a poorly vented bathroom.  Sometimes the cause is human error and the lack of knowledge in understanding the conditions of your living space.

Condensation on Windows

If you are experiencing condensation on windows it could be from a few things.  But what we are going to talk about is the moisture in the air from the people who are living in your house. Condensation is the result of warm air hitting a cold surface and as the temperatures decrease outside, most houses are prone to condensation on windows.  We find this to be more of a problem in places with less airflow (electric heat) or increased humidity.  Humidity levels are increased from cooking, showering, not running exhaust fans, and simply living inside.  There are ways to prevent mold on your windowsills. Increasing air flow can be done by making sure the blinds are not drawn all the way down or turning on fans. It might be worth looking at adding a dehumidifier to your home as well.  If you still cannot stop condensation, your best bet is wiping the windowsills down with an antimicrobial spray.

Condensation, Mold


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