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Mold isn’t always caused by a broken pipe, or leaky roof, or even a poorly vented bathroom.  Sometimes the cause is human error and the lack of knowledge in understanding the conditions of your living space.



We are not talking one or two house plants in your home, when we talk about plants in a house we mean turning your living room into a glorified greenhouse. Plants need water to survive, not only is watering them causing evaporation, but plants naturally transpire water into the air.  It doesn’t take much to raise the relative humidity to an unsafe level, meaning one that is ideal for microbial growth.  Now with the heat and humidity at an acceptable level all you need is mold spores to enter your house and you could potentially have mold.  And Guess what?  Molds one purpose in life is to break down dead materials and your potting soil is full of it. If you are going to be growing lots of plants, temperature and humidity will need to be monitored.  A combination of exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, fans, and potential air conditioning if extra lighting is being used to help the plants grow.


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