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At Pure Air Solutions we do things a little differently. Rather than traditional demolition methods, our Dry Fog technology treats the whole home.  Our products are EPA registered to eliminate mold growth. Our goal is to return your home to a clean and healthy environment as fast as possible with as little demolition as possible.  In most cases we can be in and out in just one day!  Our process is so effective we are the only company that can guarantee our work.  All of our jobs come with third party air samples and a 1 year warranty!

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Very Reliable

Pure Air is a great company, they are very reliable and get work done fast and completely. For sure they are the ones to go to if you have any mold issues.

Curtis M.

The Best

We had a unit that a tenant had smoked in for quite some time. Our technicians had replaced the carpet, full paint of unit, cleaned 3 separate times… still smelled heavily of smoke. This was one of the worst we have seen when it came to nicotine/cigarette damage.

We couldn’t figure out what to do next, as we had taken all of the steps in removing the smell. We couldn’t rent out a unit that smelled like this. Pure Air came in and saved the day. They got rid of the smell. We are so excited about this company because if they can make that unit smell normal again there really is no limit in what they can do. Definitely cannot say enough good things about this company and the men who run it. If you have an odor that needs removing or if you have mold (they do that too!) give Cory or David a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks guys, you are the best!

Kristin Kzaley

Simply Amazing

It has been a week since your mold removal in our crawlspace and my asthmatic condition that’s been a constant and seemingly inevitable fact of life for several years living in this house has suddenly cleared up! My husbands throat condition…coughing, choking, sneezing seems to have melted away as well! There could be no other explanation. We hired the work done as a necessary part of the house sale, but little did we think what a personal benefit we’d receive. It makes me wonder how many others suffer similar things unknowingly and needlessly.

Laraine B

He has done some mold removal and some treatments. They are dream on my end.

Kelhoy S.

The testing was done fast and great quality!

Mandy L.

David and Corey at Pure Air Solutions were great to work with start to finish. They were very patient, thorough, and finished a job well done! It means a lot to work with people who are easy to talk to and always there when you need their assistance or further explanation.

Hayley T.

They are wonderful and nice to work with!

Kristen K.

Great technology and great customer service!

Brandon A.

Dave and Pure Air did a great job treating a crawlspace for us. They are prompt, clean and very professional. As a tradesman I appreciate those qualities in professional that enter my home. I would highly recommend their services.

J Purdum

David at PureAir is professional, communicative and does an incredibly thorough job in his explanation of service, recommendations and execution. I was very happy with David and his team at PureAir and would definitely recommend them for any air quality or mold issues.


Dave did a fantastic job for us! He treated our ENTIRE house, (3500ish sq ft) in under 6 hours!! He was responsive to our needs and made it happen. Dave is also very hardworking and honest!!! His process is family and pet friendly. I have and will continue to recommend Pure Air Solutions to anyone needing this type of work done.

Travis H.

David was incredibly helpful in adjudicating the air quality of my rental property in Missoula. He exhibited a high level of professionalism, prompt feedback and response times and exceptional value. Amazing experience for this property owner.

Jonathan S.

David was so quick to get back to me and explained everything before hand. It was so nice to not have to tear our home apart and definite peace of mind knowing that this is a medically safe treatment. We did not have any visible mold, but random health issues leading us to get our home tested. Would highly recommend!

Elise S.

We hired Pure Air Solutions to take care of mold issues in our attic and basement. David and Pure Air did an outstanding job at a fraction of the cost other mold mitigation companies would have charged. David took the time to explain every detail of the process – it was clear his knowledge of the issue is comprehensive and he does a great job of explaining things in a manner in which anyone could understand. I highly recommend their services and have referred them to many friends already.

M Jones

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