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Crawl Space Moisture Barriers

Although we have the ability to help take care of water damage issues when they happen, we would rather help you prevent such issues in the first place.

Taking the proper precautions, such as installing a high-quality moisture barrier, helps to keep water where you want it, and not where you don’t.

Moisture Barrier

There is a big difference between having plastic on the ground and having it properly sealed.   At Pure Air Solutions we will not only solve your mold issues, but we want to prevent any future growth.  When we do a mold inspection we will also look to see if there is any potential for future problems.  There are a lot of options we do in house and other we are happy to refer to professionals we work closely with in your area.  Whether its sealing up a crawl space, adding venting to an attic, or upgrading insulation, we are here to help!

Vapor barriers are put in place to limit the amount of water vapor from the ground. They are usually made of 6mil polyethylene plastic and just applied to the ground floor. They provide a thin barrier on the ground floor and are best utilized in a crawl space that has minimal ground water issues.

Unlike vapor barriers, moisture barriers are installed to keep liquid water from the ground and foundation wall from entering a building.  Moisture barriers are twice as strong as vapor barriers (12mil) and can give you the piece of mind the water will not enter your crawlspace. They are installed on the ground floor and the foundation walls. Moisture barriers are necessary in a crawl space when you have a lot of ground water issues. This could be from having clay soil, the home being built next to a water source or even having your home at the bottom of a sloped terrain.

Crawl Space Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers are most commonly used and applied to crawl spaces and basements. They serve as another means of protection in the event you have excess water buildup on the outside of your foundation, especially if the foundation actually suffers any type of cracks or failures. If moisture is able to enter the crawl space of your home this can lead to high relative humidity and can cause microbial growth and structural issues.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Installing a crawl space dehumidifier along with a moisture barrier can be a permanent solution to keep the humidity in your crawl space at a safe level. Our dehumidifiers require no maintenance after our installation and will automatically keep the relative humidity at a low level. They are able to pull 75 liters of water out of the air per day and have an automatic humidistat control so the dehumidifier only runs when necessary.

Crawl Space Sump Pump

Do you have issues with standing water in your crawlspace or basement? You may need a sump pump installed. We can remove the pool of water from your home and install a sump pump, so you won’t have to worry about it again.

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