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Air Sampling Services

Three factors to a healthy life are the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Sadly, the quality of air gets over looked and ends up being an after thought.

How Often Should You Have An Air Sampling Test Done?

How often you should have an air sampling test done is really up to you.  We recommend all homes to be tested a least once, then each time after a water intrusion or if a family member is experiencing negative health effects.  We have found air samples can show clues of an issue before visual growth is able to bee seen.

Although Montana has a dry climate, mold just needs a couple days of moisture or high humidity. Common red flags for testing would be past water damage, ice dams, high water table, leaks, non sealed crawl spaces, poor construction, flooding, and more!  When was the last time you inspected your crawl space?

With air testing being so affordable, there is no reason not to!

What Is The Cost For An Air Sample?

We offer air testing starting at $75 per air sample with a three sample minimum.

What Is An Air Sampling Test?

Mold spores although invisible to the naked eye float freely through the air.  An air sample is how we can capture those spores to be analyzed by the lab.  Mold spores naturally grow and move in the environment which is why we always take an outside test as a control sample.  As a general rule, inside spore counts should be the same or less than outside air.

These test results will show what areas in your home that may be a problem and what types of mold or particles are in the air that may be effecting the air quality.

How do we run our Air Sampling Test?

We start all of our air quality tests by pumping 15 liters of air through a cassette filter for 5 minutes resulting in a test sample of 75 liters. The cassette will trap anything in the filter that was in the air tested.

The cassette filter will be sent to a third party lab to be tested for mold, and other harmful microbes. The cassette is put under a microscope and we get a lab report a couple business days later. When the results are in we will call you and go over the report.

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