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Sterilization Services

There are times when your at home cleaning solution and a rag just aren’t enough. There are some viruses that are the size of the tip of a pin. Trying to scrub every square inch of your property to address such viruses is nearly impossible. To properly sterilize the ENTIRE area, you need to call in the reinforcements.

Why Should You Consider Our Sterilization Services?

Like we have already mentioned, there are times when your everyday cleaner just doesn’t get the job done. Staff can spend countless hours wiping everything down and still not sterilize everything. It is a daunting task.

Providing your customers and clients to your business the reassurance that you as a business owner are providing the cleanest environment for them is priceless. Think about taking your child to daycare and never having them come home sick again.

When you hire professional sterilization services you are getting the most powerful clean possible.

We have cleaned everything from single refrigerators to entire workout facilities, and everything in between.

Have You Considered Sterilizing Your HVAC System?

A forced air HVAC system draws air through a cold air return and warms it up as a fan pushes it through a heating chamber. This type of environment can create the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of microbes. It is recommended that you regularly have your system and air quality checked; and, if necessary, have your HVAC system cleaned and sterilized.


Commercial Sterilization

There are times when every business should consider having their facilities deeply cleaned and sterilized. Especially if you are involved in businesses like daycare or gym facilities where bodily fluids are involved.

If you have had commercial sterilization work done in the past, or if you are considering having it done for the first time, we would love to answer any questions you might have about our Dry Fog technology.

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