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Remove Moldy Insulation

Removing the insulation in your attic or crawlspace can be a messy chore. Insulation can become damaged over time from water, animals, and mold. As a result, the insulation often under-performs and can harbor unwanted allergens.

Pure Air Solutions offers insulation removal, using a high-powered vacuum that is connected to a sealed hose going outside the home. All of the dust and debris from the home is then removed safely and efficiently collected in a large-volume filter bag in our dump trailer. With this technology, removing blown-in insulation can be a safe task and protect the health of your household.

Once the attic insulation removal project is complete, this is the perfect time to make repairs and upgrades. Some contractors may even refuse to work in an attic prior to removing all the insulation. Now, with the attic clean and insulation-free, you have wide-open access to the attic floor, the eaves, electrical wiring and fixtures, plumbing, and HVAC equipment.

Crawlspace insulation removal requires the insulation to be removed from the walls or joists, disposed of, and replaced with whichever insulation is chosen. Many circumstances may warrant the removal and disposal of old insulation from a crawlspace.

One such circumstance is the presence of mold, which may require insulation to be removed during the cleaning process. Another circumstance that may require insulation removal is a pest infestation. Rodents love crawlspaces and certain types of insulation such as fiberglass. If rodents get into your home, then they can burrow into your insulation and destroy it.

Insulation can cause an unhealthy environment and create poor air quality in your home. Contact our qualified, trained technicians today to conduct a thorough inspection of your attic and crawlspace insulation. We provide safe insulation removal techniques and can help you take the next step toward a healthy home.

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