Aside from our superior service and our dedication to our clients’ health, our Dry Fog Technology really sets us apart. We hold the only license for this unique remediation method in Montana and Northern Idaho from Pure Maintenance. At first we had our reservations about this new technology in the mold industry. But after watching job after job, seeing the results, and watching customers’ symptoms reverse – we started to see how truly amazing this technology is.  It is exciting to see how this Dry Fog method is disrupting the mold remediation industry.  The big question is what took so long, considering the same method has been used to sanitize medial equipment for 35 years! Not only are we able to change the lives of people who are negatively affected by mold, but we do so in an honest, affordable way.

We started with our Missoula location, quickly expanded to Bozeman, and are planing to open Coeur d’Alene in 2020.  It is exciting to see the Pure Maintenance family grow too, having purchased the fourth license and now seeing hundreds of them popping up all over the country. We are changing the way people look at mold remediation.  It is crazy to think that destroying someones home was the standard for remediation. We recently met an insurance adjuster on a job who said, “I have been reading about what you guys are doing and there are going to be a lot of big companies upset they aren’t in your shoes”.

The bulk of our business comes from real estate transactions, but what keeps us going is the people we are able to help.  Our whole team has seem first hand mold illness in our own friends and families and how limited and costly the options were. When we are looking at a job, we treat everything as if there are health issues involved.  We remove and replace everything that needs to be removed and replaced, but nothing more.  Our goal is to return your home to safe healthy environment as fast and as affordable as possible.


About Our Patented
Mold Removal System

Our patented minimal or no demolition mold removal system is based on having our Dry Fog penetrate every nook and cranny of your home. The Dry Fog allows all the surfaces in your home to be treated along with all the air in your home, leaving you with a healthy and clean home for your family. Our process is non toxic and EPA approved to sterilize mold, viruses, and bacteria!

Mold Removal

How Dry Fog Technology Works

Our first step is our Instapure (using Minncare’s cold sterilant) treatment that will kill all viruses, molds and bacteria inside your home within a few hours. This will sterilize every surface including clothing, furniture, carpets, and even the air inside your home.

The second step is our Everpure treatment that leaves a non residue antimicrobial barrier on all the surfaces in your home. This will help prevent any future microbial growth on treated surfaces. All of our products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and are safe for people, pets and the environment.

Our mold remediation process is revolutionary compared to our competitors. The mold treatment of your entire house can be accomplished in a day with our Dry Fog technology with little to no demolition work required. With demolition comes the likely chance that mold spores will be transported throughout your entire home even when barriers are put in place. The times of removing drywall and making your house a hazard zone are over. The Dry Fog will sterilize all surfaces and objects in your home leaving you with the peace of mind that no mold spores will be left behind. No more having to throw away your valuables because of potential cross contamination of mold spores. Everything inside your home can be treated with our dry fog with no residue left behind.

Mold Removal

Our Areas of Operation

Although we are always looking to help anyone we can, the following areas are the counties we actively serve today:

Western Montana

  • Beaverhead County
  • Broadwater County
  • Deer Lodge County
  • Flathead County
  • Gallatin County
  • Granite County
  • Jefferson County
  • Lake County
  • Lewis And Clark County
  • Lincoln County
  • Madison County
  • Mineral County
  • Missoula County
  • Powell County
  • Ravalli County
  • Sanders County
  • Silver Bow County

Northern Idaho

  • Benewah County
  • Bonner County
  • Boundary County
  • Clearwater County
  • Kootenai County
  • Latah County
  • Shoshone County

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