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9 Benefits of Crawlspace Moisture Barriers

You might be thinking the only benefit to a Moisture Barrier is to prevent moisture in the ground from permeating the rest of your home. Because it’s in the name, right? You’d actually be surprised by all the other benefits of crawl space encapsulation!

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, stayed tuned for this post next week:
What is crawl space moisture barrier? Do you need it?

Now, onto the benefits you’ve clicked on this post to learn about.

  1. Improved Air Quality
    • Installing a moisture barrier in your crawlspace can lessen odors from mildew or critters, but also helps keep out harmful gasses like radon. If you don’t know what radon is, it’s a radioactive gas that’s linked to lung cancer. 

Radon naturally occurs from the breakdowns of metal in the earth’s soil, so that’s definitely something to think about if you have a dirt crawlspace or exposed foundation. Harmful gasses and odors below your house can seep into the rest of your home causing health issues and displeasing smells.

  1. Reduces Water Damage
    • Seasonal changes or your climate region bring humidity, causing condensation and moisture, maybe even flooding. Crawlspace encapsulation helps keep out excess moisture, thus reducing water damage.

Water damage can cause many problems including issues with electrical and structural function, mold growth, and cosmetic imperfections in floors, walls, ceilings and personal property.

Already have water damage? Contact us for information on damage restoration.

Having flooding issues? We can also install sump pumps.

  1. Avoid Pest and Critter Infestations
    • If you have a dirt crawlspace it’s much easier for insects and rodents to enter your home. Moisture further increases infestations.

These infestations can cause health issues, structural damage and just general annoyance. If you’re spending loads of money on pest control to no avail, it may be time to consider having moisture barrier installed.

  1. Minimize Mold Growth
    • Radon isn’t the only thing that can arise from soil. As we said before, moisture barriers can reduce humidity and water damage, which can cause mold growth.

Mold isn’t good for your home or your family’s health. It can work its way into your floors, walls, personal belongings and even your air ducts which will just blow these toxins further into your air.

It’s best to prevent this from happening, but if the damage has already been done don’t hesitate to contact us for mold remediation.

  1. Longer Lifespan of Pipes and Ducts
    • Water damage can also cause rust and corrosion from large items like pipes and ducts to little items like nails, screws and other fasteners.

This damage can cost a lot of money to replace. Like everything else on this list, it’s best to prevent rather than fix.

  1. Diminish Health Risks
    • As we stated before pests and mold can really do damage to your health. Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the health risks:
      • Asthma, allergies, rabies and other diseases from pests, respiratory infections, memory loss and depression. We’ll be touching more on these health risks in a future post.

Having a moisture barrier installed can help minimize these health risks for your family and pets.

  1. Save Energy
    • Moisture barriers also provide additional insulation thus helping your home keep a steady temperature without overuse of your AC or heat. This can save you a noticeable amount of money on your monthly energy bill and wear and tear on your heating and cooling units. 
  1. Safe Storage
    • Decreasing water damage, pests, and mold in your crawlspace can give you more safe and reliable storage space.

Need somewhere to store your holiday decorations or family keepsakes? Have peace of mind these things won’t get ruined by having your crawl space encapsulated.

  1. Improve Resale Value
    • Water damage? Mold? Pests? Structural and cosmetic damage? If you’re trying to sell your home these issues will definitely decrease your property value. 

Meanwhile, having moisture barrier installed will not only save you money in the long run, but also improve your home’s resale value.

There you have it, nine reasons you should have moisture barrier in your crawl space or basement. Don’t have it yet? Contact us today to get scheduled!

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