Eliminate Mold Growth

Pure Air Solutions has a slightly different approach to mold remediation than traditional methods.  We have the only solution to treat the whole home.  By the time mold growth is discovered indoors it is too late to try and seal off sections to spot treat the problem.  Mold spores are able to freely float around in the air and end up living in carpets, clothing, furniture, and HVAC.  Because of the effectiveness of our process we are the only mold remediation company that can offer a warranty on our work!

Little To No Demolition Required

With traditional methods one can spend 10’s of thousands of dollars tearing a house apart to never treat the whole issue.  But what about the clothes we wear? The air we breathe? The carpeting our kids play on? Have those companies ever guaranteed their work, offered a warranty, or even done testing following treatment?

Our Dry Fog Technology allows us to completely remove and remediate your mold issue without causing a mess in the process. Yes, we will always remove anything that is damaged, rotten, or just needs to go, but nothing more.  99% of our jobs can be completed in one business day.  With the time savings from having better technology we are able to charge less.  Its not complicated, we spend a fraction of the time and use a fraction of the materials.  Everyone likes saving money, but the more important part is our process actually works. Our customers are able to keep all their belongings and return to a clean safe home!

What is Dry Fog?

This process actually isn’t as new as you would think.  We use Minncare Cold Sterilant, the same product that has been use in a Dry Fog to sanitize medical equipment for over 35 years.  Minncare has been wildly used for sanitizing for viruses and bacterial, but it wasn’t until the mid 2000’s that it started being commercially for mold treatment.

The Dry Fog comes off our jet heads at 7.5 micron then vaporizes a couple feet from the heads.  The fog is able to fill the volume of a room to reach full sanitization of not just mold, but all viruses and bacteria too. With mold spores being around 30 micron, our fog is able to penetrate anywhere there is air exchange of those particles.  After we use Minncare to get a full kill of the mold spores in your home, we then fog with Everpure, an antimicrobial barrier that will prevent growth in the future.

Our products are completely non-toxic and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are interested in reading more, the Army Corps of Engineers did an extensive study on our process on a building once found to be condemned from extensive mold growth.

Mold Removal

When it comes to the health and safety of others, there should be no cutting corners. Make sure to do your research, ask important questions, and hire the mold removal professional that you feel most comfortable.

We always strive to be the most professional and cost effective mold removal service in the marketplace. We will be there to find a solution to any mold issues that you may have.

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